End of Tenancy Cleaning DIY Checklist, Prices and Tips

What we will cover:

  • Can you do end of tenancy cleaning yourself?

  • Why are end of tenancy cleaning prices so high?

  • 5 reasons to use a pro.

  • Free PDF cleaning checklist

End of tenancy cleaning statistic 30% of London residents rent

end of tenancy cleaning DIY?


Do it yourself if you are not obliged to bring a professional cleaner!

We made a cleaning checklist for you, so you can see what is included in the end of tenancy cleaning services. Everything that is required by the checkout report , is included in the file.

If you dare to do the cleaning yourself, make sure you have proper cleaning equipment. When handling cleaning chemicals, make sure you protect your skin and eyes as the detergents can be harmful.

In the event that you're not obliged to bring proof of professional cleaning , but you don't have enough money for the service, you can book a cheaper service! We recommend booking a deep cleaning service, that will give you needed help. Deep Cleaning service comes with NO GUARANTEE. As a result, it costs less. You can instruct the cleaners on what to clean, and you can do the touching up in due time.

Useful Cleaning Tips

  • Make sure you have enough time to finish on time for your checkout report. Professional cleaners usually need 3-5 hours on average, to clean the property top to bottom.
  • Follow our free checklist with a point by point advice on how to do the cleaning yourself. Keep in mind that you will require much more time and that you will likely need to purchase cleaning products.

When professionals do end of tenancy cleaning...

5 points on why to book a professional cleaner


umber one reason to book a cleaner in London

1. Health

You would think this is obvious. Most of people forget dangers of breathing fumes from cleaning products. In the event that you want to clean by yourself, read the warnings on your cleaning products.Our products are ECO friendly and our staff has protective equipment.

fast end of tenancy cleaning

2. Speed

For example, end of tenancy cleaning services last around 3-5 hours for a 2 bedroom property in average condition. Comparatively a single person with no experience and no professional cleaning equipment, will need a few days. In reality, people have jobs and limited time to do this. Not to mention noise that cleaning is certain to produce.

end of tenancy guarantee 7 days

3. Guarantee

Guarantee, a point often overlooked in end of tenancy cleaning services.  We have one of the longest guarantees on the market. 7 days is more than enough for a capable agency or landlord to inspect the property, and conclude that the tenancy is over in accordance to the agreement. In an unlikely event that there are issues with the cleaning, we will come back without delay, free of charge.

best cleaning company in london

4. Peace of mind

Sometimes you just want to relax. You don't have to do everything. Cleaning should not be one of the stresses while you are moving out from a property. Organising the moving is stressful enough. Contact us and worry about something else. Or take a nap. Anything really, just don't worry about the cleaning.

save money end of tenancy cleaning

5. Save Money

Even though, you would think, in the hope that you would save money by booking a cheaper company, or doing it yourself... You would not. The risk of going trough all that effort and getting a notice from your landlord that your deposit suffered deductions as a result of cleaning issues... Sometimes you save money, by spending money. Book a quality cleaning company.

Useful Stats

  • Most of the deposit deductions come from unprofessional cleaning, damage to fittings, excessive wear and tear and unpaid bills. Although this may be true for some, others just want to take your deposit.
  • Across UK, around 29% of renters lose their deposits every year. at an average of £825 each. That's collectively over £1 billion. Source: Hillarys
  • According to English Housing Survey,  30% of Londoners are private renters

Why Are Cleaning Companies So Expensive?


This is an often asked question. Well here is the answer:

Cleaning is not easy work! We want to compensate our hard-working staff fairly. Cleaners must work well in a team. Efficiency and attention to detail is a top priority. Besides physical work of cleaning high and low, moving furniture to clean under it and travelling for hours at a time. Cleaners bare the traffic jams, find the right address on time, and are polite and friendly at all times.

So to sum up, the cost of cleaning services relates to:

  • Quality cleaning is hard physical and mental work
  • Trained and Experienced staff
  • Proper materials and equipment
  • Transportation of materials and equipment

If you know that an average price for an end of tenancy cleaning service in London for a 1 bedroom property is £120, and a company with no background quotes £90, be sure one or more things from the list above, will be lacking.

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