All our prices include all equipment and materials required for the cleaning.

When combined with end of tenancy cleaning service you get 50% off!

Removing hard stains and making your carpets looking brand new!


Bedroom (starting from) £20.00
Dining Room £25.00
Through Lounge £40.00
Hallway £15.00
Staircase (up to 12 steps) £30.00
Lounge £30.00

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How we do it:

Hot Water Extraction technique or commonly known as Steam Cleaning, is a widespread cleaning service in London.

  1. Arrival and inspection: We decide what chemicals to use depending on the material and staining.
  2. Hoovering of the carpets is needed to remove small particles and prepare the carpet for the next step.
  3. We spray a solution that decomposed the hard stains and then the machines do the work.
    Sounds simple? Not quite, but we make it look easy.


Who needs carpet cleaning?

Anyone who has a carpet, needs carpet cleaning! HA!

To be serious for a moment, in our business, there are 2 types of people who book carpet cleaning.

  1. People that WANT to clean their carpets: They care about their health and want a sanitised carpet, that is safe for them and their family. Some customer just want a stain to be removed.
  2. People that NEED to clean their carpets by contract. Sometimes the tenant is required to clean the carpets after the tenancy. We provide end of tenancy cleaning services that can be pricey for some, so we give a 50% discount for carpet cleaning when combined with the end of tenancy cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning with End of Tenancy Cleaning


We advise that if you are a tenant, you check the terms. You might need to professionally clean the carpets or upholstery so if you're unsure or just checking the prices, feel free to bookmark our page so you can come back when you're ready to decide.


When do I need to clean my carpets?


If you are cleaning your rug or carpet because you want to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we recommend one to two times a year. A good way to protect the condition of the fabric is to take off your shoes in carpeted rooms. If you are used to wearing shoes inside, then find a good doormat and try to get as much dirt in there. The dirt and sand you bring in on your footwear make most of the damage to the fibres.


Carpet Cleaning Prices

Cleaning prices can be affordable and have a high level of service.