Best Car For A Cleaning Company

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What is the best car for a cleaning company?


A while back we were expanding our business. We were looking for the best car for a cleaning company and after 3 months searching, we wanted to share what was was the best used car option for us.



The best car

Is the one that can safely transport all of your equipment and cleaners. It needs to be the best car you can afford and it should always be clean and maintained. It can sometimes be used as a personal vehicle so consider all requirements. The best car for us was Ford Transit Connect and these were our top 5 options. 

Top 5 cars for a cleaning company


#5 Smart Fortwo

You didn’t expect this one! For a domestic cleaner, Smart is really a smart choice. You can fit a vacuum and all the equipment in there. For £2000 at 60.000 miles you can get an awesome city vehicle that you can fit anywhere. It spends next to nothing but it's  not the best option for longer destinations and lot of equipment. Smart #5 car for a cleaning company


  • Fuel efficiency master, fits on any spot in the city.


  • Minimal space and low range.

#4 Skoda Octavia

This one is great if you need an everyday vehicle and a company vehicle. It’s great for a family vehicle and  can carry a medium amount of cleaning equipment. It's comfortable but the loading area is not practical if you need a full-time car for your company.

skoda #4 car for a cleaning company


  • Cheap road tax and a good MPG. Can be used as a personal vehicle due to comfort.


  • Expensive for our needs, small storage and impractical access to equipment.

#3 Honda Element

Our third option proved to be a bit pricey averaging for £10,000 and 60.000 miles. We liked that it can be used for personal use because of its removable rear seats but at the end, we needed something purpose built and economical. This was not the best car for a cleaning company, so we went for something cheaper.

Honda #3 car for a clenaing company


  • Removable rear seats and versatility.
  • We liked how it looks


  • Price and fuel economy.
  • It was discontinued so we wanted something with more available parts.

#2 Citroen Nemo

This was our second option as it is spacious for its size, economical and comes in a version with double sliding doors. The issue we had is that for our purposes we needed extra room for the driver and a bit more width in the back. If you’re really on a budget you can opt for the version with no side doors and get one for £3500 with 60.000 miles if you can sacrifice the access from the side.

#2 car for a cleaning company


  • Fuel efficient and low cost. Perfect for city use for the small and medium amount of equipment.
  • Load area length can be extended from 1.5m to 2.4m by removing the passenger seat, enabling you to carry a ladder.


  • Too narrow to carry robust machines, and the rest of the equipment efficiently and organised.
  • Stiff, so equipment might suffer if not secured properly.

#1 Our Ford Transit Connect

This is the best car for transporting cleaning equipment in our situation, as we needed a practical vehicle that is cheap to maintain and can be used for personal needs from time to time.
We were buying on a budget of around £6,000.
Ford Transit Connect goes for around £5,000 and that's for an average of 60.000 miles.

Ford #1 car for a cleaning company.



  • Price and fuel economy!
  • Cargo space geometry, ease of loading and unloading, low deck height and pass through rear doors.


  • Only 2 seats, issue if you need 3 cleaners on the job.
  • Brakes need to be serviced quite often but still depends on how you drive it.
  • Speakers are awful and the passenger seat could use an armrest.

Ford Transit #1 car for a cleaning company

We're satisfied with the car and we work hard to expand our fleet!

We use the car every day and it carries equipment necessary for end of tenancy cleaning London wide. Without it, we couldn't bring our Steam Pro 2000 to any of our customers that require carpet cleaning.


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